6 Must-Ask Questions Before Choosing A Realtor In Alpharetta

Choosing A Realtor In Alpharetta What Should you ask ?

Realtor in Alpharetta
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You might be planning to relocate, upsize, or downsize. Or maybe you’re looking to let go of an investment property in Alpharetta; no matter your motivations, selling and buying a property comes with many considerations.

It can be extremely nerve-wracking to sell or buy property solo, particularly your first. Choosing a realtor in Alpharetta is key to helping you succeed to pull off a smooth, stress-free, and more importantly, profitable transaction.

Whether you’re selling or buying, a good realtor can make tens of thousands of dollars difference to your real estate transaction, so it’s vital to choose carefully. But with so many realtors in Alpharetta, GA, where do you start when trying to choose the best real estate agent for you?

To make the process less stressful, we have put together a couple of questions to ask your realtor to make sure they are ahead of the game before you choose.

1. How Much Experience Do You Have?

Considering this will be one of the largest transactions you will make in life, your realtor should have a minimum of 3 – 10 years of experience in real estate buying or selling (depending on your needs) to ensure that they possess the skills and market knowledge required to execute a profitable and stress-free transaction. However, while the realtor’s experience is important, it also comes down to the realtor’s personality and aptitude.

What’s more, if they are experienced, and have established themselves in your location, they will probably have potential sellers and buyers on record who missed out on other offers.

2. Are You Exclusive Seller’s Realtors, Or Do you Also Work With Buyers?

Conflict of interest in real estate can be a pain! The last thing you want is a real estate agent that isn’t actually on your side. When choosing a realtor in Alpharetta, asking your agent, this question will help you identify the odds of a potential conflict of interest arising. If they handle both selling and buyer, make sure to ask what measures they take or have taken to ensure there won’t be a conflict of interest. Whichever the case, go for an agent that is 100% in your corner 100% of the time.

3. What Is Your Track Record Like?

So, you’ve asked about their experience, and they are more than happy to tell you about their many years in the industry. But can they walk the talk? The only way to figure that out is to ask to take a look at their records.

Any realtors worth their salt will be more than happy to prove they’ve got a successful track record in buying or selling. Ask about previous transactions similar to yours in your preferred location and/or price range.

Whether they show their track record by sharing their past clients’ contact details or through testimonials, it will always be an essential question. The worst mistake you can make is to hire a realtor from Valdosta or Macon to sell your home in Alpharetta.

4. How Much Is Working With You Going To Cost?

This one is a no brainer. Remember that there are other costs related to selling or buying a house in addition to the realtor’s commission. Ask your realtor exactly how much they charge, and confirm their fee against the industry standard realtor’s commissions and fees.

Typically, the standard is between 4%-6% of the property price/value depending on the service. Top agents may charge more. After all, you get what you pay for! However, a good realtor/agency will be able to provide an accurate estimate and do so transparently without any hidden or unexpected costs.

5. Can You Provide A Personalized Campaign For My Needs?

The experience of handling a marketing campaign (when you’re looking to sell) makes realtors worth their weight in gold to you. Of course, you can expect top-performing realtors to be busy, but regardless of their busy schedule, how is their accessibility? Do they create a bespoke marketing campaign just for you?

When it comes to the sale or purchase of one of your most significant assets, you want to know that the agent you hire is attentive, personal, dedicated, and one who can create a personalized campaign that suits your needs. Make sure you keep that in mind when choosing a realtor in Alpharetta.

6. What Separates You From Other Realtors? Why Should I Hire You?

This one is crucial – and any realtor in Alpharetta who really wants your business should have no problem telling you why they stand out or why you should choose them – with confidence.

Asking this question opens up the opportunity for the realtor to demonstrate what stands them apart from other local realtors, both as individuals and as a real estate agency.

Remember, the realtor you choose will have a significant impact on your house-selling or buying experience. By having the above questions prepared ahead of time, you can interview any Alpharetta real estate agent with confidence. Choose wisely! Let Debra Moon and the experienced realtors at Debra Sells Houses help you with your next real estate transaction. Reach out to Debra at Debra Sell houses today at 678-910-0969.

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