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Do you need agent and home inspections in New Construction?

Do you need agent and home inspections in New Construction?
Debra Moon:
My name is Christopher Eggleston, and this is my wife, Chastity. We were just here to speak a little bit about our experience purchasing this home and partnering with Debra Moon. We sold our home in April of 2020 right when the pandemic hit. And from there, we decided to wait quite a while, I guess, about eight months, eight, nine months before we started looking for a home. And from there, we decided to partner with Debra again in that process. Debra’s somebody that we knew, knew our family, someone that we had known for a couple of years. We knew we could trust her, and she was going to go to bat for our family.

Having an agent is so important. To have an advocate on your behalf with insider secrets, someone who’s been doing it for 10, 20, 30 years, that type of experience you can’t replicate as a home buyer. So, from that standpoint, we’re very appreciative of her services, her wisdom, her insight, and her love for our family. In addition, we found it very helpful to have an inspector in this process, even though we have a new construction rather. There are several things that we would not have found as buyers ourselves, but our inspector was able to walk us through that process and help us get the home that we want. So here we are on the closing day, very excited, happy to move forward, happy to get our family and this house up on my four-year-old’s birthday.
Chastity: Absolutely. So, it’s been a joy to work with Debra. And she’s talked us off the ledge many times. It’s been really a joy to have her, and her experience, and really there to fight for us, even as we’re going through on a new home purchase. It was her personality. So many things that come with just using her as your agent. So, like he said, we used her for our home sale and then also for the purchase. And it was the best decision we ever made. So, I’m so excited, thankful for the friendship that we have with her and just like he said, having that trust is a really big factor. And having someone who knows the industry is very important. So thankful for Debra and her team. And it’s been wonderful experience.
Debra Moon:
Congratulations to you both. And I do love your family.
Thank you.
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